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I'm an Architect and Visual Artist. I imagine that if you put art in my right hand and science in my left hand, from the smallest particles to the nature of this perfect combination, it is architecture. Forces from unknown spaces can even interpret its artistic revelation and have not seen this scientific mélange before. What is created is my mind's divine power and can be worshipped as a leg of the holy mother. That idol is in the design of a screw, the colossal church that orbits the earth, or built on Mars like a desert house in the deep subconscious part of the environment's red blood cells and pumps it through arch bones.




An artist, a person who seeks the Mother of Arts, prays and has erotic thoughts about her, constantly tries to create idols from her. One who understands darkness, borders, the concept of art, and its destination, bravely without worries from judgments, walks beyond borders of imagination. The critical point separating artists from ordinary people is knowing the mind as a God alive. I'm Hatef, a prayer, seeker and creator of idols.

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